Whitney Tucker, Yoga Instructor

From a recent session with Whitney Tucker. I try to make her class every Thursday morning at 10:30am at the Marcelo Garcia Academy. The class is a bit challenging. I’m always joking that it should be called Submission Yoga (after Submission Grappling). But the class is has a more pleasant tone than other Yoga classes I’ve attended. She seldom uses the long “official” names for the poses. No, ShavaPradaAsuana or whatever. Instead, there’s a playful back and forth between student and teacher and there’s a lot of instruction from Whitney about who is doing the pose “correctly” and what various students need to strive for in perfecting the poses. It’s a lot of fun.

She never let’s us meditate, but I guess nobody’s perfect 😉

Whitney also teaches a free yoga class on Saturday mornings at Athleta in NYC.

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