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Sparkman came to my studio to update her images.    This was an easy shoot because she’s so comfortable in front of the camera and she has an ability to bring out different aspects of her personality visually.

She says, “There are so many actors I’ve admired over the years but its the obscure ones like Stanley Tucci that I really love.  I loved Johnny Depp because I loved how in every movie was a completely different person to the point that you didn’t even know what he looked like.  I wanted to do totally different characters and completely change my look each time.”

According to Sparkman, what brought her to me was her desire for, “Photos that you knew were by a professional photographer in a real studio.  Photos taken by someone who has been doing this a long time.  I wanted to be photographed din great clothing and have a real, authentic smile.  I wanted people to be able to see these images and envision me in a storefront window, selling their clothes or their product.  And that is what we accomplished.  We got so many great photos.”

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