Soft But Dark

Hairstylist Honey B

Model Anastasiya (before image)

I recently worked with Honey B to create a Dark but Soft look for Anastasiya.

Says Honey B, “I wanted a darker look, but not just the black and grey smokey look.  I wanted it to be soft but dark  I started with blacks and browns but I added some maroon and burgundy to really give it a more striking color.”

“Sometimes you get a little fallout from the glitter and it shows on her cheeks.  You can use a fan brush or powder brush to clean it up,” says Honey B.  Here, she uses a blush brush to wipe it away.

“When you’er applying eyelashes you want to apply the glue for the strip and then count about 30 seconds before you apply the lashes to her face,” says Honey B.

“I had had Anastasiya apply the base color herself to get a lot of pigment on her lips. She can apply a lot more pressure than I can.  After she did the base, I relined the lips and cleaned them up a bit, with a bit of concealer,” says Honey B.  Here, she lines the lip with black liner from LA Girl.

Photographer: John Ricard
Model: Anastasia / Makeup: Honey B.

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