Capturing Family Memories

Admittedly, I don’t take enough family images but I am proud to have a strong vision in the images I do create.  I’ll go deeper into vision in a future post.   Although I am the only professional photographer in my family, I am cognizant that I am not necessarily the person best suited to persevere the family’s legacy in photographs.  Everyone in the family is equal in their ability to persevere the family’s legacy and memories.

To that end, I have encouraged my daughter to capture the events in her life from her own perspective using a Fuji Instax Wide camera.  It creates an instant print -what most of us refer to as a “Polaroid”.  These images are inherently special because only one copy exists of each image.  Each shot costs around 80 cents but it well worth it.  On a recent episode of my podcast (linked above), my daughter and I discuss how she uses this camera and we even show a few sample prints.

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