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Glamour Session

Here we capture the most beautiful you ever. This session includes a makeover to accentuate your beauty. By the time you step on set, you will feel glamorous and you will be excited to capture the images that will be treasured not just by you, but by your future generations to come.

Before Your Shoot

Select 5-10 outfits that might work for your shoot and email some photographs of these outfits to me. Make sure all of your clothing looks new and is in perfect condition. Be prepared to shop if necessary! Also, select one baggy, comfortable outfit that you will wear when you first arrive to the studio. This outfit should not leave any marks on your skin and it should be easy for you to get in and out of when you are changing outfits.

Bright, bold primary colors are best. Avoid distracting, or busy designs or logos on your blouses or dresses. Sequins, chiffon, embroidery and lace all work great. Outfits should fit your body properly and should enhance any curves you may have. Avoid dresses that are loose on top and also avoid puffy or billowy sleeves. Both of these will make you look unnaturally heavy.

Be sure to mix the style and design of your dresses and blouses. Maybe one outfit will have a rounded neckline, maybe another will have bare shoulders, maybe one outfit has a plunging neckline. One dress might be short and cute. Another dress may be a colorful tulle skirt. You should have at least one outfit that you consider Dark and Smouldering and another that you feel is Light and Ethereal. And don’t forget to bring the Sexy! In other words, dress like you will be walking a Hollywood red carpet.

The Day of Your Shoot

Wake up early so that you are not rushed. Eat a healthy breakfast and be prepared to take it easy when you arrive at the studio. First we will give you a makeover courtesy of my talented and dedicated stylist. She will create a look that is both natural and glamorous. Next, we will review your wardrobe and decide the sequence in which you will wear the various outfits. Finally, we will bring you on set, where the real fun begins.

Using my years of experience photographing both celebrities and people like yourself, I will pose you in a manner that feels comfortable. We will photograph you in 5-7 outfits and lighting setups.