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I was born in Brooklyn but my family quickly moved back “home” to Baton Rouge, LA. There I spent my days playing with dogs in the dirt. We moved back to Brooklyn while I was still in elementary school and my adventures took place in my head as I lived in the pages of comic books and science fiction novels. After graduating from Baruch College many years later, I became a high school English teacher where I spent eight hours each day talking about the world rather than being out in it.

And when you think about what an amazing world it is, you want to see and experience all of it. That’s what being a photographer has allowed me to do. When I’m not out and about I’m at home with my wife and daughter. Ninety percent of the time we’re all just sitting on the couch watching TV like everybody else. But there are those great moments when I’m teaching my seven year old daughter jiu jitsu or when my wife and I are just walking through Times Square, watching the people pass by and making small talk.

Nothing wrong with a day off now and then…