Finding Your Outer Voice with Helen Little

Helen Little is a broadcaster.  Not just any broadcaster, but in fact, the most heard non syndicated broadcaster in the United States.  She’s heard on 106.7, Lite FM, here in NYC.  She came to me for some branding portraits and our intention was to show the both her fun side and her professional side.  Since we were shooting in the studio it was important that we use wardrobe and emotion to communicate these different aspects of her persona.  Hala Moroc, who hosts montly, “Bad Ass Bootcamp” workshop/networking events, assisted with the styling.  Things go much smoother when you allow the shoot to be a collaboration between people who all understand the intention of the shoot.  I actually met Helen through Hala, so I knew Hala would be great to have on set.

After the shoot was completed Helen, we filmed a quick clip of Helen speaking about Finding Your Outer Voice.   She offers some nice insight about important it is to listen to your inner voice first before you can find your outer voice.

After Helen finished speaking about Finding Your Outer Voice, we started speaking casually about the photo session we had just completed.  Since the camera was still running, that conversation is available for you to hear.  As you can see, this branding session was a new experience for her despite her having been in front of the camera many, many times over her fabulous broadcasting career.

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